Magazin Lettering Tattoo

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Magazin Lettering Tattoo

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Lettering Tattoo Initials, names and writing in chicano, calligraphic, gothic and other styles. Over 40 complete alphabets for your next tattoo! Angelina Jolie has a tattoo that says «know your rights» and David Beckham has the names of his children. Non-celebrities also get tattoos of poems, quotes, words from holy texts, Latin mottos, sayings, song lyrics, patriotic phrases, words that express personal values such as Love, Family, Faith or Truth. Or the names or initials of loved ones: children, partners, parents, grandparents. This special collection includes more than 40 different alphabets and lots of examples of names and initials for your own tattoo, customised with a design or decoration. You can find popular styles such as Chicano, calligraphic and American old style, as well as Gothic in both its antique (Olde English, Olde German) and modern versions, and other fantastic alphabets. A special thanks to all the artists who have contributed to this special: Alan, Guido, Davide and Massimiliano. Enjoy your tattoos!

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