Tattoo Professionist 10 Celtici

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Tattoo Professionist 10 Celtici

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Celtic culture, one of the most mysterious cultures in the world, has survived in Ireland for centuries. During the Viking invasions in the 10th century, many Irish people were captured and taken as slaves. Among these slaves there were also artists, painters and sculptors. They maintained and handed down the tradition of visionary Celtic imagery, known for its typical interwoven lines depicting animals and mythical or symbolical figures. Over time, the Irish art that developed in Scandinavia developed its own path and personality, characterised by even more complex woven patterns, which were often abstract and sometimes asymmetrical, but always extremely congruous. The Vikings used them to decorate everything: their wooden houses, boats, clothing, jewellery and sacred stones called menhir. In Ireland, on the other hand, the style remained closer the ancient tradition, albeit with Roman style influences brought over by Christian preachers. Here we can find evidence of Celtic art applied to decorations in churches, holy books and tombs, with their distinctive Celtic crosses in particular. This amazing collection of tattoo designs contains a selection of Celtic and Viking style symbols as well as Celtic-Viking fusion designs! This is the only place you can find both traditional designs and reinterpretations on the theme. Choose your woven design from: shamrocks, triskells, dragons, crosses, armbands, thistles as well as initials, geckos, phoenixes, flowers, crosses, wings, the moon, stars, skulls, butterflies and much, much more! 285 totally original designs in colour and black & white, by Francesco Rosalbi, Davide Zannoni and Red. Tattoo Professionist 10 Celtic-Viking style Limited edition 31x21 cm, 84 pages, spiral bound album, b/w and colour designs by various artists. Tattoo Professionist is a series of themed publications designed especially for tattoo artists.

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